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KOTO YUKI Band World Music Concert

KOTO YUKI Concert 2021-09-19 v3.jpg

September 19, 2021

The concert was hold at at Micke Grove Japanese Garden, Lodi.
Tickets were sold out! 


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Message from a friend

It was a wonderful concert with the atmosphere and band’s music were in harmony with the Japanese Garden. I enjoyed the Japanese garden till I headed to the concert stage.  When the performance started, I basked in the afterglow of the beautiful Japanese garden. When the band started performing a rock song with the koto I felt the sound of Koto was more powerful than the sound of the guitar.

The song “Creme Brûlée” was played, I closed my eyes to the sound of the Koto, it brought back many memories of Japanese scenery that I saw when I was a child.

Special guest Taiko drummer Rieko was very wonderful! Rieko’s taiko has a light rhythm and was very comfortable to listen to, but it had a powerful sound. The harmony between Taiko and Koto was very beautiful. Not only music but also Japanese dance blended into the music. I really enjoyed it with my eyes, ears and full body! I’m looking forward to seeing the next concert!

Kanae Nakazawa (Kimono Harvest Business Owner)

We have nothing but praise and to sing loudly “alleluia(s)” to a magnificent performance. Your performance was, from your initial appearance, a presentation of artistic maturity.  Your body looked as though you were “one with all one” and all the Kami’s gathered to welcome your invitation to join the spiritual circle.  Simply put…you were splendid!  Thank you for taking our breath away with beautifully inspired dance !

Tatsuno Kusaba & Judith Ryan

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