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Domyoji Temmangu Live


Yukiko Matsuyama at Domyoji Tenmangue Noh Theater Live!

May 5, 2023 at Domoji Tenmangu in Osaka


The concert took place at the Noh theater of Domyoji Tenmangu Shrine in Osaka Prefecture. I had the opportunity to dance to her songs "The Tale of Heike" and "Tennyo." The band members who are professionals were all wonderful, and the singing and performances were amazing. The songs were so captivating that I wanted to listen to them over and over again. Students at Koto club from Yukiko's graduating high school, also participated, making it a truly fantastic concert.

Band Members

  • Yukiko Matsuyama - Koto 

  • Takeshi Hayama - Guitar

  • Hirotaka Ogawa - Guitar

  • Tomoyoshi Nakayama - Keyboard

  • Naoya Izumi - Base Guitar

  • ​Yu Murakami - Drum

  • Yuka - Singer

Collaboration & Guest Artist

  • ​Students from Konan High Schoo

  • Rieko Kotoku - Dance

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