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A musical journey of discovery through

song, dance and ritual.

Beauty of Japan


July 15, 2023 @​ 5PM

The Guild Theater 
2828 35th Street Sacramento, CA 95817

Ticket Sales

The City of Sacramento, Arts + Culture is​ supporting the concert to benefit the community and enable us to provide tickets at lower prices (Adult: $10 / Youth & Child (Age 13 & under). Our normal price is usually Adult: $27 / Youth & Child: $15. Don't miss out this opportunity!

The Beauty of Japan “和●美” presents the vibrant world of Japanese culture through traditional and contemporary performing arts. I have created  performance pieces that express Japan's sacred rituals, mythology, history, and festivals through dancing, singing and playing Japanese musical instruments such as Taiko (Japanese drumming), Koto (Japanese harp), and Fue (Bamboo flute).  By showcasing Japan's serenity, strength, vibrancy, and beauty through visual, auditory, and sensory experiences, this concert serves as an inspiration for others to explore and appreciate the richness of Japanese culture. These are performances that cannot be seen very often in North America.  This concert will appeal to those who are interested in Japan, or those who are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, or elderly Japanese Americans who cannot travel to Japan.  I hope the audience will experience the beauty of Japan and find comfort and inspiration in their hearts.


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The City received 409 applications for the program. They were reviewed and scored by a diverse panel of artists as well as local community members. They also were reviewed by the Sacramento Arts, Culture and Creative Economy commission.

Rieko was selected one of 45 local artists to participate in its one-year Seeding Creativity grant program.

Rieko was selected one of 45 local artists!
: Rieko was inspired by Taiko and traditional Japanese dance and started searching for her artistic roots through traditional Japanese performance arts. She will produce a concert based on Japanese traditional and contemporary Taiko and Dance performance in 2023. 

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Rieko Kotoku

About Me

Rieko Kotoku is based in Sacramento, California. She was born and raised in Tottori, Japan. She studied different styles of Taiko (Japanese drum) for 10 years under the mentorship of Tiffany Tamaribuchi, the founder of Sacramento Taiko Dan, and an internationally recognized taiko master.

Rieko’s experiences at the Taiko Dan helped her reconnect to the heart of Japanese spirit and brought her inner strength, patience, ability to focus and respect for herself and others.

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Word from Audiences or Artists

RIEKO KOTOKU gift as a performing artist is her ability to transport her audience through time and space into the ethereal world of Japanese spiritual mysticism. From the moment she enters the stage our journey begins; first with the sheer beauty of the kimono as it flows and follows her ancient storytelling movements. And then slowly she invites her audience to journey into the world of imagination and wonder through rhythmic beats of the Taiko drums, the melodic sounds of the multi- stringed Koto instrument and the haunting notes of Fue, a Japanese flute. We are in the company of a master storyteller; through her music and dance we are reminded that we are ONE with nature and nature is ONE with us. RIEKO KOTOKU brings us face to face to our spiritual connection with all living things. Nature is us and we are Nature. To commune with nature is to see the artistry of RIEKO KOTOKU.

Tatsuno Kusaba & Judith Ryan

When I saw Rieko's performance for the first time, I felt a very strong power in her movements and expressions. I thought I definitely want to perform with this person. I've performed with her several times now, and her movement to express the suppleness and softness of women including emotions is very beautiful. Besides that, she can express various aspects in a completely different and very comical style. She is not only a dancer but also a dynamic Japanese drum player, and the audience is fascinated by the way she plays powerfully and with delicate femininity. I'm attracted to her spirituality to pursue her pure sensibility and art. I think that she is an artist who will continue to be successful in many fields.

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